Subaru Platforms

As much as we love the EJ we have to accept that the FA is the future.  This Direct Injected engine has many advantages over the EJ and has been proven to be just as capable of making power with a much higher success rate in longevity.  With the aftermarket world catching up and providing more support this will soon be a very solid platform. 

Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?  EJ!  Who doesnt know someone who has blown up a Subaru?  We have built many EJ engines and can tailor your engine to meet your specific HP goals.  We have many different options from stock to 850+ HP.  All shortblocks are assembled/machined locally by an experienced machine shop and use some of the best products/equipment on the market today.  We also offer CNC porting of cylinder heads as well as sleeved engine blocks.  Come see us to plan out your build today!